March 2011 Your Story Echo,The Amazing Sign Language Dog

Mar 18 2011

March 2011 Your Story Echo,The Amazing Sign Language Dog





My boyfriend, Jim had just landed a dream job, and I took it as my moment to Pop the question, you know the one…Can we get a dog? He smiled and said yes! We had been doing a lot of breed research and had already decided on a lab.

We looked through the available dogs at the Love of Labs Indiana rescue group looking for an adult dog.  when we came across a 5 month Echo, he was just irresistible! We found through his foster that he was the last of his litter and had trouble finding a home because he was born deaf. We also learned that his life was nearly cut short from rat poison. It was no secret that this Dog needed a special kind of care

After meeting him, Jim and I had a long discussion about it. I told him “A special dog needs a special person, and I would love nothing more than to get to be that for him.” He said he’d love that too and we both knew he was the one we’d been looking for.

We have named him Echo, and Echo has a great heart full of love and is so smart he learned to recognize three command signals in a day! I am definitely a proud owner of a deaf dog and want everyone to know his deafness hasn’t affected anything! No one even notices he is unless we tell them. Everyone is so happy to have him in our lives, Well, Everyone but the cat






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